Ultra sonography

Ultra sonography

State of the Art Labour and Delivery care

Jayadeva women’s hospital works in a motto ,when it comes to welcoming a childbirth it is priceless and it’s not pricy , hence the standard of Labour and delivery infrastructure is at best standard and at affordable prices, after Labour and birth ,the rooms are spacious ,well ventilated with great environment with very nominal price ,which we are the first to provide.

Antenatal care

Jayadeva women’s hospital is one of the Chennai’s best facility for fertility and maternity with uncompromisingly high technology equipments say from lab , scans to operation theatres ,infrastructure and experienced doctor’s team with which we are completely committed to provide safe and comfortable treatment.

We give periodical checking, counselling and maintenance of records to keep the mother and growing baby healthy, safe and prevented from potential health problems, miscarriage and abnormalities.

High risk pregnancy care

At jayadeva women’s hospital we manage comprehensive care to manage complicated and high risk pregnancies like diabetes, hypertension etc, our doctor’s are exceptionally good in handling high risk pregnancies and multiple gestations.

Post natal care

The care covers the routine women and baby care received for first few weeks after birth. The management of nutrition’s ,common &serious health problems in women and their babies after the birth


The preconception care provided by the doctors focus on the parts of health that have been shown to increase the chance of having a healthy baby .preconception health care is different from person to person, depending on their unique needs and individual health ,doctor will suggest course of care and follow up.


The pregnancy imaging test by Ultra Sound helps to monitor the baby development in the womb and also to check the organs during pregnancy

Dr Sharmila is extensively trained and experienced in obstretics scan gives the accurate diagnosis


Neonatal intensive care unit , is available for the newborn babies who need monitoring in incubators.