Methods of diagnosing infertility in Jayadeva Fertility Center

The diagnosis of “infertility” is made if pregnancy in a couple does not occur within 1 year of sexual activity without the use of contraceptives.

If you were diagnosed with infertility, do not despair. Modern medicine has a large arsenal for treating or overcoming this problem. This applies to female infertility and to male infertility.

It is very important not to start the problem, in time to start the search for a reason for both spouses at once.

All tests are performed by highly qualified doctors, spermogram – embryology physicians of our embryology laboratory.

After the doctor has studied the results of tests and consultations of other specialists (if necessary), the couple is selected for an individual plan for further examination.

And if any pathology is detected in a man or a woman, or at once by both spouses, the specialists of our clinic will be offered an individual treatment regimen or, if this is not possible, a method of overcoming infertility with the help of assisted reproductive technologies

In Chennai, many medical centers, where they carry out infertility diagnostics, but not all of them specialize purely on this issue.

To diagnose the causes of infertility should be approached in a comprehensive manner. Only a comprehensive and attentive look at the problem will help to determine the cause of fertility disorders and help the doctor choose the tactics of treatment.

Methods of diagnosing infertility can be divided into several components:

  • Consultations and examinations of specialists (gynecologist-reproductive specialist, urologist-andrologist, embryologist ,Laboratory diagnostics (blood, sperm, smears);
  • Functional diagnostics (ultrasound, TRUS, ultrasound hysterosalpingoscopy);
  • Instrumental research methods (hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy).

All these methods for the diagnosis of “infertility” are applied in “JayaDeva Fertility Center.” Our reproductors and andrologists try to approach the survey individually and do not prescribe unnecessary and unnecessary research and analysis.

We must not forget that with age, fertility is steadily declining. And after all, in about half the cases it is enough just to correct the hormonal background in time or to improve the sperm with the help of a complex of preparations, and pregnancy will come naturally.

That is why it is so important to pass in time a full diagnosis of the causes of infertility and get treatment from competent and experienced specialists.