Meet our Doctor

Meet Our Doctor

Our chief consultant is DR. Sharmila MD (O&G) ,Fellowship in reproductive medicine, one of the best experts in Fertility and IVF in TamilNadu. In her experience as Infertility specialist, thousands of women’s were benefited from different parts of Tamilnadu throughout her practice .she is the first candidate to do fellowship in Reproductive Medicine in TAMILNADU MGR UNIVERSITY. she has published several scientific studies and shared her knowledge at conferences as well as constantly updated by participating in international conferences. The doctor says learning should not be stagnated and constantly updated With advanced technologies .

After her masters in Obstetrics & Gynecology in her practice she understood the physiological and psychological turmoil’s the women undergoes due to infertility which drove her to specialize in ADVANCED FELLOWSHIP IN REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE and research to provide successful treatment with best advanced protocol in reproductive medicine, IUI ,IVF, and other artificial reproductive treatments. She has undergone intensive course and training in laparoscopy and ultrasound in which she has vast experience. She is working on to create awareness which help in prevention of infertility and other women health conditions and to educate about the treatment to the people through various camps.