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Cryopreservation is done to store the embryo’s eggs and sperm to use it in future. The eggs which are retrieved can be preserved to avoid retrieval procedure again and incase of any complications such as delayed pregnancy they are freezed and Cryopreserved to use when the couple decide on conceiving, undergoing cancer therapies early menopause and risk of premature ovarian failure.

Oocyte vitrification

Where eggs can be frozen by rapid freezing ,we can achieve good fertilization rates with fresh and frozen eggs.

Sperm freezing – sperm freezing via cryopreservation can be done to preserve your sperms , this is advised to be done if you undergo treatment for cancer .incase of limited number of sperm , about to get prostrate, testicular surgery and vasectomy. The sperm stored can be successfully used for several years.

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